Choosing the Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

When you think about romantic honeymoon destinations what’s generally the first place most people think of? A tropical beach at some far off exotic location. Beaches have always been considered the number one destination for the newlywed couple but did you know that there are other locales that can be just as romantic with lots to offer.

If you are in the beginning stages of planning a honeymoon then consider the following list of not only beaches but other places that offer the romance and excitement you are looking for.

First we’ll take a look at some of the more romantic beach destinations.

Hawaii is the number one destination for newlywed couples, and for good reason. With 8 islands to choose from its hard not to find one that will give you what you are looking for. From major metropolitan areas with the excitement they bring to quiet secluded beaches lapped by crystal blue waters there is something for everyone on the Hawaiian Islands.

Another exotic island destination is Bora Bora tucked away in the South Pacific. While it is a more expensive option it is also relatively un-crowded creating the opportunity for that relaxed honeymoon that is most welcome after the craziness of the wedding day. The islands create a serene atmosphere that will take all your cares away.

For those on a tighter budget a honeymoon to the beaches of the Mexican Riviera can be as romantic as any other beach in the world. Compared to some of the more crowded beaches around Cancun the beaches of the Riviera Maya offer a more secluded and romantic setting. You will also find all inclusive resorts in and around the Riviera Maya, making planning that much easier.

The US Virgin Islands offer a beach location of unsurpassed tranquil beauty called Caneel Bay. The resort at Caneel Bay offers a destination that is literally disconnected from the rest of the world. It is a truly picturesque place where newlyweds can relax on pristine beaches next to the clear warm waters of the Caribbean.

Some of the best romantic honeymoon destinations can be found far from the oceans and beaches of the world.

For a romantic winter honeymoon consider the majestic peaks of the Colorado Rockies. With an abundance of winter sports and activities at some of the most well known winter resorts in the world a romantic vacation in Colorado offers a variety of adventurous activities. And after a day of fun in the pristine beauty of the snow covered mountains there is plenty to do at night, keeping even the most outgoing of couples busy.

While known more for gambling and over the top glamour and glitz Las Vegas is also another great choice for newlywed couples looking for love and romance. “Sin City” offers something for everyone with a vast variety of entertainment choices. Or you can spend the day lounging around the pool, being waited on hand and foot, before heading out for a night on the town.

For a more playful destination consider Florida. Not only can the happy couple enjoy the romance of Florida’s many beaches there are also entertainment options that include a multitude of amusement parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. And for a vibrant night life that can’t be beat, South Beach in Miami is the place to be.

New York City is also hard to beat as a world class destination. With a multitude of five star hotels and restaurants to choose from the “City that never sleeps” offers a variety of romantic locales that will have the happy couple planning a return trip. The Big Apple also boasts what is probably the largest theater district in the world, offering a variety of award winning plays and musicals that are sure to appeal to everyone.

Another idea is an old world honeymoon to European countries such as England, France, Italy, and Spain. The history and culture of these countries offer a couple the opportunity enjoy a trip back in time. The romantic charm of old world European cities can be the perfect way for a couple to start their life together.

When considering the best romantic honeymoon destinations be sure to take into account what most appeals to you and your soon to be spouse. There are plenty of choices out there and taking a trip to somewhere other then where everyone else goes can make your post wedding vacation one to remember.